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Aug. 1st, 2006 @ 12:15 am The 31st of July, 2006
I woke up today just like any other summer 2006 day, at around 10am with the bright blue sky shining into my room illuminating everything. But today was not like any other day infact. Who was to show up on my doorstep but my lovely girlfriend, Lana. What a welcomed relief from the everyday routine of waking up, working out, and going to work. I made us panninis with mozzerella cheese, honey mustard, peppered turkey, and sourdough bread. I was pleasantly surprised to how tasty it was lol. I had never been to the Life Sciences building before on campus, but that was where she had a counseling appointment with the college of biological sciences. During the wait to see her counselor, we observed a very determined chinese father speaking to a counselor about his incoming freshman son. I feel really sorry for this kid, because what this father has some serious plans for him. Poor bastard. I hadn't seen Signs in awhile, but it still puts me on the edge of my seat. Lana really enjoyed it and as did I. She had never seen the Arboretum before and wasn't too impressed when I showed her lol. I had a really great day with Lana, and I get to see her next weekend of the one after that. Am I excited? WELL DUH I AM!
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