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Aug. 13th, 2006 @ 11:59 pm Started Cool
my pretty lady came promptly at around 11 and that was the start to my good day. lana is not the best with directions, so i drove both of us to stephanie's temporary apartment for their day of fun in san francisco. we waited a little while for hilary to join us. she showed up with a brand new white truck which her parents got for her. me = happy/jealous lol. before they all left for their journey i gave them a little tour of my house and the backyard. then they were off to the city by the bay and we were off to see BarnYard. it was a cute movie chock full of a hero's journey theme. work from 4-closing was full of idiots and me not being so nice when i encountered said idiots lol. i yelled out an order for GINA and her boyfriend just laughed. that made me feel good. and when i was really tired and just fed up with stupid people, i was pleasantly visited by my lovely lady, lana, before she headed back to milpitas. that was the last time i saw her before she flies to vietnam for like 3 weeks. that makes me sad and i'm gonna miss her a lot. but when she moves back though, i'm gonna be so happy i'll explode!!
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