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Aug. 11th, 2006 @ 12:30 am Lana and Candy!!!
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i was awoken by the dribbling sound of a basketball coming from across the street at 8am. what kind of children are up at 8am playing basketball in the summertime!? anyways, today was another special day, because my uber cute and lovely girlfriend, lana, was coming to town again! i started the day off like anyother one, with having breakfast and taking my pill then afterwards, washing my face and so on and so forth. traffic was a breeze so lana appeared at my door at around 1100 with a pretty smile on her face. the moment i saw her i too was slapped in the face with a big smile and that warm tingling feeling you get in your stomach. we watched a lil' BlindDate with a super uber loser wannabe rapper white guy who totally bombed and with a decent nice sorta emo guy who gave the biggest comeback in BlindDate history. i put my arms around her and it just felt so good and right and warm, and that made me even happier. noon rolled around so we went to pick up stephanie at her new apartment she's staying in for 3 weeks until she moves into her more permanent one. i helped her unpack her stuff the day before and we also had dinner at the Farmer's market, it was good times. i chauvered my two lovely ladies to old sac while they meandered through their yearbooks to see who was fugly, prego and getting married or having kids. we got there in no time at all and wandered the few streets of old town sacramento. we passed by candy shops and toy stores and the vietnamese/chinese/american store which was pointed out to us by shannon and stephanie. we decided to to Joe's CrabShack to have lunch. shannon joined us from working and we had fun doing some catching up, which wasn't much, because we've only been apart like a month. we continued to wander the streets and into the shops to get tons of candy and milkshakes. i was seriously really really happy while in the candy stores, and the sugar high soon followed. salt water taffy is like eating heaven and being with lana, stephanie and shannon made it like eating heaven, but with them also eating it lol. after getting tons of candy we finally made our way out of old sac and back to davis. i wanted to show them my new condo, but sadly forgot the keys at home, but they were able to peer in through the window, which still looked rather nice. stephanie needed to go grocery shopping, so we headed over to Nugget where she bought mainly vegetables and rice lol. we dropped off the groceries at steph's place and hung out and cooled down for a bit. after saying our goodbyes, lana and i headed over to her storage locker to get her mini-frig for her cousin now entering college. we couldn't seem to open the bottom floor elevator door so i ended up hauling this thing down two flights of stairs and finally into the back of lana's car. and oh yeah i had work in 20 mins so we hurried back to my house. we gave our sweet kisses and goodbyes and she was out of my life again. hopefully i'll get to see her for a quick hi when she goes to SF with steph on sunday. a few days after that she's off to vietnam for about 3 weeks to her villa on oceanbeach property. afterwards when she gets back she's all mine again, and i can't wait til that day comes. now back to that taffy!!!
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Date:August 19th, 2006 06:34 pm (UTC)
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LOL Vegatables and Rice LOL That's hilarious!